Window cleaning is not only exhausting and time consuming, but achieving a streak free shine requires a lot of skill.

What’s the solution?

Karcher window vacuumThe WV 50 Plus from Karcher is the first battery powered window cleaner and comes with a microfibre wiper to make this work easier and faster.  This compact window cleaner is lightweight at only 700 grams.  Its ergonomic style makes it easy to handle and, thanks to the rechargeable battery, it’s flexible and always ready to use.  The innovative water suction system makes the Karcher window vacuum the ideal cleaning solution for windows and all other smooth surfaces.  Besides windows, you can also get all other glass surfaces, mirrors and tiles shiny and clean.

How do I use the Karcher window vacuum?

It’s so simple.  Spray cleaning solution onto the surface and tackle any tough dirt and stubborn marks with the microfibre wiper.  The treated surface can be cleaned effortlessly with the Karcher window vacuum.  The dripping dirty water is immediately vacuumed off the surface without leaving streaks or spots behind.  Your window will be squeaky clean and your windowsills will remain clean and dry.  The Karcher window vacuum even works when held at an angle, upside down or above your head.  You can easily clear up spilled drinks and other liquids and your hands always remain dry and clean.

The window cleaner lasts up to 20 minutes and can be used to clean up to 30 square metres or 10-15 windows.  The dirty water tank can easily be removed and emptied by hand in between cleaning.



What’s included?

You’ll get everything you need for a streak free cleaning in one set.  As well as the window cleaner, this package also includes the lithium ion battery and a battery charger.  You also get a concentrated cleaning solution, wiper fixture and spray bottle.  Everything in the kit is simple to use and easy to store.

The WV 50 Plus from Karcher is a compact and handy cleaning system with an innovative water suction system – the ideal cleaning solution for windows and all other smooth surfaces.

What do other people say?

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Where can I get one?!

Head on over to to read its outstanding customer reviews (4.7/5 stars!) and buy your Karcher WV 50 Plus Window Vacuum!